Feast of Tabernacles

Young Jewish family prays at the Sukkah for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. A Sukkah is a temporary structure where meals are taken for the week.

The Feast of Tabernacles is a Jewish celebration of the harvest. More than that, it is a celebration of God’s faithfulness. Today Jews set up a temporary tabernacle in their own yard, which includes the gathering of three kinds of tree branches: The palm branch: Palm trees grow in the valleys and remind us that God was with the Israelites through the valleys of the wilderness, even the valleys of the shadow of death. The myrtle branch: Myrtle trees grow in the mountains and remind us that God was with the Israelites through the rugged mountain terrain. The willow branch: Willow trees grow along the streams in the desert, a refreshing reminder that God brought springs of water out of rocks. God was faithful to Israel all the time they journeyed through the desert.


If the branches represent God’s faithfulness to His people in the wilderness, what do you think the fruit of the trees represents? The fruit is the end of the journey–The Promised Land. Today The Promised Land reminds us of our hope of Heaven–our joint inheritance with Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.


Thank you, Father God, for your perfect plan to rescue us from slavery to sin, death and the grave. Thank you for your faithfulness in our daily lives–the hope we have in You and being with you forever in the place you are preparing for us in Heaven. Help us to live our lives pleasing to you. We love you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.