The Mystery of the Magi

January 6 is the day during the year when we commemorate the visit of the Magi to Mary, Joseph and Jesus in Bethlehem. The Bible says in Matthew 2 that they came from the East–probably not as far east as China, but more like Babylon or Persia, modern day Iraq or Iran.

They are believed to be astrologers since they followed a star that led them to Bethlehem where Mary and Joseph lived following the birth of Jesus. Was the star part of a natural phenomenon or a miraculous event? It’s a mystery.

Another mystery is in the gifts the Magi gave to Jesus: Gold for a King, frankincense for a Priest, and Myrrh for a Savior. Did they know that the newborn king would be all these in one person?


Who is Jesus to you? King? Priest? Savior? Teacher? Comforter? Counselor? Friend? Although Jesus lived on earth only thirty-three years, He changed the world more than any one person ever has or ever will. His great love penetrates hearts and restores souls. His great act of forgiveness on the cross paves the way for us to have a relationship with a living God.

To answer my own question, Jesus his all those to me and more. He gives my life meaning and purpose. Hope has displaced despair. I have peace instead of anxiety and new mercies every day instead of feelings of apathy. Friend, all these are available to you through the amazing love of God. Seek Him. You will find Him. He promised that.


Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift of Jesus, His amazing love and forgiveness. I pray for my friends who have not experienced your love–that you would make them aware of your presence in their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

A large portion of this message is from a blog I wrote at Writing for His Glory.

January 6 is the twelfth day of Christmas and is also Epiphany, the day we commemorate the wise men’s visit to Jesus in Bethlehem (Matthew 2). They brought gold for a King, frankincense for a Priest, and Myrrh for a Savior.

Gold is still precious across all nations and cultures. Frankincense comes from a sap in the Boswella tree and is known for its calming, restorative and meditative properties. Ancient people burned frankincense, believing it carried their prayers to heaven. Myrrh is a resin produced by a small, scraggly tree, which grows in the semi-desert regions along the Red Seea. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and healing agents. Following Jesus’ death on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus anointed Jesus’ body with myrrh for burial.


Wise men still seek God today. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). What gift is appropriate? Perhaps humility, a broken and contrite heart, love for God in response to His great love for us. Today is a significant day in the United States as the electoral vote seals will be broken in congress. Will you pray with me that God will intervene in this election?


Almighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, we humble ourselves before you and ask you for divine intervention in congress today. Our country has sinned against you and we ask you for forgiveness. You promised to bless those those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Lord, we love you and look to you to expose corruption and bring about justice in our nation and in the world. Save us from those who are out to destroy our country. Lord, the world is watching. Let it be known today that YOU are GOD in the United States of America. We pray these things, in Jesus’ name, Amen.