A Jesus Believin’ Roman Centurion


The Jesus Believin’ Roman Centurion

Dressed in his armor, a Roman Centurion,

Called on Jesus in the town of Capernaum.

He said, “My servant lies sick, at home in his bed,

Please come and heal him from his toes to his head.”

That merciful, compassionate Jesus got ready to go,

When suddenly the Centurion said, “Oh, Jesus no!

“I’m not worthy for you to come where I dwell;

Just say the word and my servant will get well.

“For I myself am a boss in command,

Of hundreds of soldiers at my right hand.

“I say to this one “come” and he comes;

And I say to another, “Do this” and he does.”

Well, the Centurion’s words amazed the Lord Jesus;

He said to His followers, “Such faith I’ve not witnessed.

“Many will come from the east and the west,

To take their places at my heavenly fest.

“Some surprisingly will be left outside,

From pain and suffering they will not hide.

Jesus said to the Roman Centurion,

“Go! And just as you asked, it will be done.”

Each one of us has a choice to believe,

Or to be left outside to hurt and to grieve.

So follow the faith of the Roman Centurion,

And believe, as he did, in God’s holy Son.


The poem is my paraphrase of Matthew 8:5-13. The Roman Centurion believed in Jesus and knew He didn’t have to be present for his servant to get well. That’s why he said to Jesus, “Just say the word . . .” The Roman’s faith surprised Jesus and He said, “Go! And just as you asked, it will be done.” Jesus is a man of His word. He is faithful.


Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus. Help us to be more like Him, as good as our word. Help us to be compassionate, and please Lord, help us to have a faith as strong as the Roman Centurion. In Jesus’ name, Amen.